Institute of Book Arts

Founded in 1955, the Institute of Book Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig [HGB] has offered critical engagement with the book medium and its myriad elements: font, typography, and image, as well as the book’s similarities to and differences from other media. The Institute also publishes select books and acts as a forum for student and teacher discussion. In so doing, the Institute offers insight into the practice of teaching at the Academy, its perspectives, as well as current discussions about the book as a medium of communication. The book series "allaphbed” publishes lectures delivered at the Institute. Books published by the Institute of Book Arts have been awarded consistently with the highest national and international prizes, including the “Golden Letter” from the Best Book Design from All Over the World competition, and the Saxon State Award for Design. The Institute has been led by Julia Blume and Günter Karl Bose since 1997.